25 Cars Rappers Will Name Drop in 2013 Complex Rides

25 Cars Rappers Will Name-Drop in 2013 | Complex Rides (2012-12-13)

Whether they actually own the vehicles or not, rappers are always weaving luxury and sports car names into their lyrics. It’s part of the whole persona. What does every rapper want you to know about them? That’ they’ve got a lotta dough. And if they’ve got money, they’re obviously travelling in nice rides. But they have to make sure and let you know exactly what they’re in, whether it be a Lamborghini, a Maybach, an S600 ‘Benz or an old school Chevy. The lyrics, like the cars, age over the years, and new models are weaved into the rhymes. Before 2013 cracks open, we’ve got some speculation about just what the trendy rappers will be stunting on everybody with. We’re talkin’ next level, like the Aston Martin Vanquish, the Ferrari F70, and the McLaren P1. Check out these 25 Cars that Rappers are bound to name-drop next year.

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