Detroit Auto Show

Detroit auto show: What does $8 million in vehicles look like? Find out at ‘The Gallery’ | (2013-01-09)

One of Detroit’s most exclusive automotive events will once again combine some of the world’s most expensive vehicles with the cooking of a world-renowned chef. “The Gallery,” a prelude to the official start of the 2013 North American International Auto Show, will feature about 30 exotic vehicles and a meal prepared by Chef Wolfgang Puck. […]

25 Cars Rappers Will Name Drop in 2013 Complex Rides

25 Cars Rappers Will Name-Drop in 2013 | Complex Rides (2012-12-13)

Whether they actually own the vehicles or not, rappers are always weaving luxury and sports car names into their lyrics. It’s part of the whole persona. What does every rapper want you to know about them? That’ they’ve got a lotta dough. And if they’ve got money, they’re obviously travelling in nice rides. But they have […]

Falcon Logo

2012 Mach7 Motorsports Falcon F7 | (2012-02-20)

Mach7 Motorsports waltzed into the 2011 Detroit Auto Show with a killer new machine that was poised to further represent America in the supercar war of the worlds. Turns out, that was just a prototype and they’re back in Detroit again to reveal their polished Falcon F7. The new Falcon F7 supercar will go on […]

Falcon F7- Local Authority

Falcon F7: Local Authority | Street Side (2012-02-06)

The Ford GT.  The C6 Corvette.  The Dodge Viper.  The Big Three all make (or made) supercars, and they’re each fit to press the air from your lungs with beauty and lateral G.  But big American automakers, lately in particular, have to be cautious with their projects.  Styling must remain conservative enough to hook every […]

oye times falcon f7

Reinventing the American Super Car – Falcon Motorsports Turning Heads with F7 | OYE! Times (2012-02-01)

As American car companies continue its trend to produce environmentally friendly vehicles for the everyday driver there is one Michigan auto company that is doing the exact opposite – building the next home-grown super car. Falcon Motorsports, a company based out of Holly, Michigan, is bringing back memories of a previous era of American automotive […]